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Crêpe Menu at 17.00€
Savoury crêpe of your choice:
Fermière (egg, ham, tomatoes, grated cheese, parsley cream)
Salmon : Smoked salmon, potatoes, braised leeks and carrots, parsley cream
Tartiflette Normande (potato, onions, chitterlings, Camembert, cream)
Crêpe of your choice:
Ardéchoise (home-made chocolate, crème de marron, thick cream)
Cauchoise (home-made apple sauce, caramel, whipped cream)
Lupin (vanilla ice-cream, Nutella, whipped cream)
Bowl of cider or glass of wine
Menu at 19.50€
Choice of wood-fired grilled meats:
Rump steak or Andouillette de Troyes or Guerande-salted old fashioned sausage
 with parsley cream, onions, olive-oil marinated peppers
and side dish of your choice
Home-made dessert of your choice
Costa Rican coffee or Thé
Menu at 31.50€
Starter of your choice
Home made foie gras 4.50€ extra
Main dish of your choice
Wood-fired rumpsteak with parsley cream, olive-oil marinated peppers and red onions
and side dish of your choice
Brochette of wood-fired grilled gambas and scallops and side dish of your choice.
Pot of mussels with sauce of your choice
Home-made dessert of your choice
Choice of Garnished Mussels at 20.00€
25 cl of Pelfort beer on tap or glass of wine or bowl of cider
A pot of mussels (approximately 1 litre) with your choice of sauce: Marinière (white wine),
Normande (parsley cream), Cauchoise (thick cream, cider and Calvados)
Crêpe of your choice :
Nutella, apples or salted caramel butter
Child’s Menu at 7.00 €
Chicken nuggets, French fries
Sliced ham and French fries
Savoury galette (ham, grated cheese)
Dessert choices:
1 ball of ice-cream with flavour of your choice
Chocolate cake
Crêpe with Nutella or sugar

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