Our Starters


Mussels stuffed with homemade garlic butter

€ 9.00

Snail casserole with homemade garlic butter

€ 9.50

Squid fritters with homemade Chinese sauce

€ 9.50

Plate of fresh pink prawns served with homemade mayonnaise

€ 9.00

Avocado shrimp cocktail and homemade cocktail sauce

€ 8.90

Homemade fish soup accompanied by rouille and homemade croutons

€ 9.00

Our salads:

To taste: € 9.00 To devour: € 15.00

ETRETATAISE: salad, tomatoes, avocado, shrimps, mussels, smoked salmon

To taste: € 9.50 To devour: € 17.50

PERIGOURDINE: salad, tomatoes, gizzards, smoked duck breast, croutons, house vinaigrette and homemade foie gras

To taste: € 9.00 To devour: € 15.00

CHEESE: AOP of your choice (camembert, neufchâtel, pont l’êvèque, livarot)
salad, tomatoes, smoked bacon, walnuts and its house vinaigrette
The corner of the sea:

Mussels marinière in white wine (depending on the season):

Pot of about 1 liter, garnish of your choice

€ 13.00

Norman mussels (parsley cream), cauchoise (crème fraîche, cider

and calvados) or with camembert

Pot of about 1 liter, garnish of your choice

€ 13.50

Cauchoise or Roquefort mussels,

Pot of about 1 liter, garnish of your choice

€ 13.50

Buckwheat and wheat cake:

Club: Egg, ham, mushrooms, grated cheese

€ 7.70

Complete: Egg, ham, grated cheese

€ 7.20

Pont l’Évêque: Potatoes, onions, bacon, pont l’Évêque

€ 9.70

Farmer: Egg, ham, tomatoes, grated cheese, parsley cream

€ 9.20

Neufchâtel: Neufchâtel, tomatoes, potatoes, cream

€ 9.70

Livarot: Livarot, andouille, apples, cream

€ 9.70

Valaine: potato gratin, bacon, Valaine goat

€ 10.50

Salmon: Smoked salmon, potatoes, leek and carrot fondue,

parsley cream

€ 9.20

Norman tartiflette: Potatoes, onions, andouille, camembert, cream

€ 9.70

Our wood-fired grills:

Entrecote of about 330grs:

€ 21.50

Entrecote of about 520grs:

€ 25.50

Rib of beef on the bone, per kilo:

€ 55.00

Rump steak 220 / 230grs approximately:

€ 15.50

Real andouillette from Troyes:

€ 14.20

Old-style sausage with Guérande salt:

€ 13.70

Duck breast and its homemade green pepper sauce 300grs approximately

€ 18.50

All our meats are of French origin,
served with an accompaniment of your choice, parsley cream
and red onions and peppers marinated in olive oil


Plate of grilled potatoes

€ 4.00

Plate of French fries

€ 4.00

Green salad

€ 4.00

Julienne of vegetables

€ 4.00

Barbecue sauce, béarnaise, honey or homemade pepper

€ 0.80

Cheese board :

Pont l’Evêque, Neufchâtel, Livarot and Camembert,

served with a green salad, nuts and house dressing

All our cheeses are PDO and matured by us

€ 7.00